Monica Ann Kennedy

April 14, 2014

In late 2011, I was contacted by Monica Ann Kennedy the brother of John Joseph Kennedy. In a mass e-mail, Monica explained that she would assist anyone in bringing her brother, John Joseph Kennedy to justice. She went on to explain that she had now been a victim of John's schemes and, as a result, was homeless while caring for her son. She claimed it would cost her thousands of dollars to reclaim her life.

I heard this story before from John's victims and felt sorry for Monica, so I called her. She was quick to tell me all the details of her current relationship with her brother. She went on to say, he paid no rent, he didn't paid for food and she allowed it to go on for over a year. At Christmas dinner, things fell apart when she told John he needed to start contributing financially. Supposedly, John became violent and a family feud had begun while they lived under one roof. I was told she feared for her child and that she had to move as John could not be trusted with children. In addition, John had called Children Services and made formal complaints about Monica and her relationship with her "son". She went on to say that she left her belongings and furniture there and was looking for a place to live. I was to the point of tears. Then she asked me if I could loan her $1000.


Although, I have helped a few of John's victims financially, this was very different and there were more than a few holes in her story so I said I couldn't right now and she let it go at that. She continued to call almost daily with information about her brother John. Where he was and what he was doing. She also had a lot of background information on him and, I must admit, I enjoyed hearing about the man I had investigated from his family's point of view. She would tell me things like how she convinced him they were friends again and offered to buy him a hamburger and then spit on it, rewrap it and serve it to him. I admit, at the time, I laughed.  Through these calls a friendship developed.

She started calling me her "bro". Not because we were close but because she knew it would hurt John. She really had a vengeance to see her brother hurt in some way. During the Christmas season that year, she went to extremes to get John thrown out of a homeless shelter (YWCA Sponsored) so he "would roam the streets of Oklahoma City during the winter". It worked but, he found another shelter the same day. Then she wanted to pursue him at the new shelter. Although I assisted her in finding information in her crusade, I kinda of drew the line at a second time. But, it wasn't over. I get a call one day asking me to call my attorney to see if the YWCA could be sued for harboring a con-man. The reason behind this was that they would probably evict John once a suit was filed.  I was clearly not into this at all.

Now, I would like to mention that during this time we talked about a great many things and I, indeed, believed we were friends. I helped her through getting a retraining order on her brother ... Matter of fact, it was my idea. She would check up on me almost daily to see how I was. So, even though there were red flags about her behavior and her transparent embellishments of the facts, I figured, what the hell. She confided in me that she lied to the judge to get her restraining order stating that John had hit her. Matter of fact, I have a voice mail message of her laughing hysterically about how she fooled the judge by crying at the end of the hearing and "had him in the palm of her hand". I should send the judge a copy of it.

Over the next year, we talked about many things including her relationship with her ex-lover/wife Kim, her son, her niece, Heather Layton, as well as, the current events in our lives. I, in turn, talked about my unhappy move to South Carolina and because of my isolation there, my calls with Monica became even more frequent. As my situation worsened in South Caroline, Monica had invited me to stay with her. I always declined, but we did discussed how nice it would be to go have coffee together and do fun things around Orlando.

It was during this time that I began receiving calls from people around Orland, through this web site. Some were about John, but several were about Monica. I explained to them that Monica was my friend but they insisted that Monica was not only a part of John's schemes but had initiated a few of her own cons. They warned me to stay away from here. I defended her. It was also during this time that I began "loaning" money to Monica because she couldn't make her bills. One time it was her phone bill, another time it was her car insurance ... it went on for a few months. I had also been approached by other members of the Kennedy family for various reasons. When I informed them that Monica was a friend of mine things became deafening silent on the other end. On one occasion I tried to get Monica to talk to her estranged sister and hoped for a reconciliation between the sisters. The other sister told me it would never happen. Monica said it was because she was gay (Monica, not the sister).

For me, things had become increasingly volatile in my situation in South Carolina and was preparing to move back to New York. I was going to stay with a friend who was not very dependable and I was very apprehensive. I told Monica and asked her if her invitation was still open. She was very happy that I would be staying with her and began plans for me and my stuff to go to Orlando. Orlando was good for me as I had worked there before and had friends there.

There was one other thing. Her niece, Heather Layton had now come to live with her so there would be three of us in the apartment. When I arrived, I was greeted by Heather as Monica was working. The move went well and Monica took a bit of an authoritative posture so I just kept to myself. I was prepared to pay half the rent of the apartment for staying there but that was doubled when I arrived because she was a bit behind in her bills. There were a lot more red flags but I chose to ignore them. There was something about the complex that just didn't seem right. Also, Heather had nowhere to sleep. Moica had told me she would bunk with her but instead she would stay up all night on the computer and use my bathroom (through my room), trying to avoid Monica after hours. There was an awkwardness about their relationship. The obedient Lipstick Lesbian (heather) and the ever demanding Butch Dyke (Monica) seemed more incestuous than family oriented.

There was a cat confined to the Laundry Room which smelled so bad you couldn't go in there. It was very close to my room and eventually I would scrub it down. I also met her "son", who was really her great nephew who spent every other Saturday with her for a few hours. When I met him, he hid behind some chairs. I thought maybe he was shy but, he was always hiding from all of us. It was kind of strange. Later I would find out she had no parental rights what so ever.

There didn't seem to be any food for them. I had worked for Food Banks in South Carolina installing computer systems and had boxes of Food. Monica insisted I bring it all so I did. I had gained a lot of weight in South Carolina and asked them not to eat my diet food. They both did some serious chow hounding in the first several days including my diet food. I bought sodas and milk and many other things for them and asked them to leave the bottle water for me. I brought with me a case of Starbucks coffee but when I went a way for a week for work up north, I came home to none of it. I even had to pay for Monica to pick me up at the airport $20 for 4 miles ... she said she needed the gas. The next morning, I finally said something about the bottled water. Like a child, Heather began slamming the cabinet doors and screaming at me, telling me I was in her room and how I upset her life. That evening, I talked with Monica about moving. I was now learning that this was really Heather's room but this was not a problem. I would just find a place of my own.

I received an e-mail from Monica the next day demanding I put a wi-fi antenna I had given her, back on her computer and a few other things. Her tone was, "This is my house and you will do what I say". I immediately realized all my mistakes about this woman and quickly went to the manager of the complex to make sure I would not be thrown out. I was told this is subsidized housing for welfare recipients and that I could not live there. I was floored.

Something she said a while back stuck with me.  When she filed for a restraining order against John, she wanted me to look it up on the Court web site. She told me not to use her full name in the search... "Just type Monica Kennedy, and I will tell you where to go".  There were a lot of Monica Kennedy's so I didn't' see the reasoning behind it. When I got back to the apartment, I looked up Monica Ann Kennedy on the Orange County Clerk web site. There it was ... Judgments, Evictions and cases from Debt Collectors. Apparently, back when John was living with her, she had failed to pay the rent for several months. John evidently knew this which was why he didn't give her any money. She was evicted from that apartment. What was more surprising was that she was in the eviction process several times for the apartment we were now living in. Matter of fact, there was an eviction up until the day I arrived but she only paid some of the rent to stop the eviction. Later, I would find out that while I was away she went and gambled the rest of it.

I wanted more facts so I contacted her other sibling and explained I was now living with her in Orlando. One of them told me to "RUN ... Do what ever you need to, to get away from her" while another said "Run and run, now" ... I quote.

That evening when she arrived she came into my room and started screaming. Most of it was nonsense but I did notice Heather outside of my window with her phone ... she doesn't have cell service. I guess the plan was for me to somehow hit her or strike her and Heather would take the picture. I didn't work ... I called the police. And they told her to back off.

More e-mails came in about her from her family. Besides learning about all the lies she told me like owning her own Insurance Company that she bought off her father (she was the receptionist), having a law degree (she never went to Law School), being the executor of Cecilia's estate (her sister died tragically in 1996 and took over her sister's affairs and pocketed all the money) and many other overly embellished tales, I also learned that she ...

    Had sexually molested several of her siblings
    Had Violent episodes and was "Baker-Acted" twice by her former wife.
    Had tried to kill several of her siblings
    Filled with rage because she is a woman (Their words, not mine)
    Is a compulsive drug abuser such as Xanax an other opiates.
    Is a compulsive gambler
        ... and a compulsive liar.

It is a real defining moment when you are confronted with the reality of a situation you have chosen to ignore for so long. They informed me that although John had lied about a great deal of things that they believed him about Monica, the drugs, the rage and most important ... about Evan, the little boy. John had made some serious alligation against Monica concerning Evan but I chalked it up to more of John's lies.  According to Monica's sisters and brothers, who know John to be a liar, they believed him about Monica nd the little boy.  I was encouraged (by several of her sibling) to call family services as John did when he lived there. They did an immediate investigation and from what I hear, Evan is no longer allowed over there.

I also found out that Monica was systematically contacting John's victims and hitting them up for money. One woman in Texas gave her as much as $3000. In addition, Heather Layton (pictured right), who was previously in Houston, was running from some teacher who allowed her to stay for an evening and couldn't get rid of her for 5 years. Heather Layton is alienated from her family for contacting friends of her family on Facebook, claiming to be in trouble and asking them to send money and similar scams.

A day or two later, Monica pulled more antics and I called the police again. This time Monica told them that I moved in without telling them and that I was cooking Methamphetamine and was a meth addict and God knows what else. The police asked me to leave. I foresaw this happening and had made arrangements with a neighbor should something like this happen. I had planned to move on Tuesday (it was labor day weekend) but this was Saturday. The move went really smooth and many people who I had made friends with in the complex came to my aid. I had a little party for all of them at my new place the following week. I stayed in Orlando until October before returning to New York City ... which I will never leave again.

For anyone going through anything like this, here is my advice. Trust It! That's what I kept repeating to myself while this was happening ... "Just, Trust It!" I believed that there was something better happening for me beyond this. I look at that situation now and say it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I'm back in the city that I love with a lot more opportunity at my fingertips than being in subsidized housing in Orlando. Matter of fact, I just put a down payment on a condominium here and plan to stay here the rest of my life. Orlando really is a pit even when you are not in a welfare complex.

I was prepared to put all of this behind me when I was asked to renew a phone number I had acquired while in Orlando. I had forgotten all about it. I logged into it today over the internet and found quite a few messages from Monica. Most of them were pretty sad. A broken woman whose aim was to inflict misery to deflect the misery she has brought upon herself. Phone calls on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve trying to conceal the insecurity and loneliness behind the slurred words and empty threats of drug abuse. I contacted her family because I felt someone should be told how bad off she is but they all agreed ... "She made her bed ....". I let them hear the the recording and read the texts. Most of them were threats, a lot of insults but clearly someone who is in pain.  It is a sad person that wishes to instill misery into people lives because there loneliness craves any kind of stimuli ... even when it is negative.

In the end, I feel I have to warn people that Monica is not who she claims to be. Financial presents are nice but like an animal that comes to expect it, things can get pretty ugly very quickly.

I once told Monica that I didn't understand how her brother was able to manipulate all these people over the years. Monica has has shown me just how possible it really is.

It's a sad lesson.