What was John Joseph Kennedy's like growing up?

John is the fourth child of Michael F. Kennedy and Phyllis M. Kennedy who are both deceased. His parents had ten children, seven girls and three boys. They were raised to be God fearing, honorable, hard working, kind, loving, law abiding citizens and to give back. Most of his siblings don’t know what happened to John because he has never possessed any of the virtues above.

Instead of morals and values, John at a very young age possessed a sense of entitlement. He was bright, charming, funny and well liked by all, except his immediate family. His best friend growing up was our first cousin, and my Aunt and Uncle who had more money than my family, would include John in their family vacations and weekend outings. John was always around them much more than with his own family. They could provide John a lot more material wealth. Maybe this is why he has the lifestyle of a King.

He always thought he was better than his family and that they should have had a lot more money at his disposal. Don’t get me wrong, the Kennedy family had everything they ever wanted or needed, but with their father supporting twelve people he didn’t have the enormous wealth that John craved and pretended to have.

His siblings can remember John and his mother coming home on many occasions when his mother would be furious and embarrassed because John would relentlessly beg her, in the store, to buy him something. He was a teenager at this point, not a young child. My mother would be so embarrassed because he would not stop and she would end up buying him whatever he wanted.

John always hung around people growing up that had money and were from good families. When he was older and started to date, he only dated prominent and wealthy girls, he later came out of the closet in his mid twenties. He uses women, young and old, making them believe he has an interest in them or if they have an interest, he does not tell them, he is gay.

When John was twenty-five, John, had been forging company checks for thousands of dollars at a time and going to the bank and cashing them at his father’s insurance agency.  At twenty-six, John stole an idea from his supposed best friend and started a company called Façade. It was a knock off on Ralph Lauren’s polo shirts. He ended up running off his best friend. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

He uses my sister Cecilia’s murder as a ploy to make you feel sorry for him. Cecilia was the tenth child and our baby sister. She even had a buyer for “Whale Magic” in the early to mid nineties, but realized it was a scam and took the negotiations off the table. Cecilia would have falling outs with John all the time. She did not want him to know where she lived or for him to get close to any of her friends. He would come to her house and not leave, he would run up her phone bills, eat her out of house and home, steal money from her and steal money from her friends by writing hot checks. John is famous for his hot checks. 

Their youngest brother who has always been troubled, and who was arrested in Bangkok, Thailand might not have gone down this path if John would have helped him. The brother showed up at John’s house in Dallas, TX hungry and tired and this was just a few days before he left for Thailand. John was as cruel as ever to him, humiliating and degrading him and John told him to leave his property and to never come back. Without any money or even a morsel of food. John writes and communicates to everyone that their youngest brother thought he was carrying documents, but my youngest brother knew he was carrying .... drugs and John knows this as well. He takes five percent truth, and then adds ninety-five percent lies, to make up one-hundred percent of a story!

John talks about people hurting him and his family. His “family” has nothing to do with him and has disowned him and for some of them that has been over thirty years. He is an embarrassment, he is shameless and does not care who he hurts to get what he wants -- WEALTH, POWER, and he lives for the SPOTLIGHT.

His family were his very first victims.  He has bullied, stolen, lied, and threatened each of them. He has even accused his first cousin, (his once upon a time best friend), of Cecilia’s murder for over fifteen years now.

He could have used all his talents for good, but instead his greed, total lack of empathy, selfishness and self-centeredness, led him on the evil path he has always been on, and what drives him today.

His family apologizes for all the horrible things he has done!

This was written with the assistance of several of John's Sibblings'

Where is John Joseph Kennedy?

John Joseph Kennedy in FloridaJohn Joseph Kennedy did reside in Orlando, FL.  There have been rumors he was staying with a family member and other rumors he was homeless.  He recently acquired a computer from RAC (Rent-A-Center) in which he forged his address.  He never made payments on it so they are looking for him too.  He claims his contact information is ...

John Kennedy Enterprises, Inc. (which was dissolved)
1100 Hammond Drive
Suite 410-A
Atlanta, GA. 30328
Phone: 770-828-0658

But court documents served to this address were returned and the phone is never answered and sometimes disconnected.  If you are law enforcement, please contact the e-mail address at the bottom of this page for additional information.

His last known address was 2600 S. Conway Road, Orlando, FL 32812. He was staying with his sister until her turned on her. She moved out of her own home just to get away from him, left him with no furniture, no electricity, no land line, no cable and no internet. He stayed there until the courts evicted him.
His current phone number: 321-662-1102

Although, John Joseph Kennedy continues to try and sell stock in "The Whale Magic Project" and "Whale Magic Earth",  he was so desperate, he was taking to the bars and streets of Orlando.  This is because (according to two different process servers ... One from New York and the other from Tallahassee. FL) John Joseph Kennedy was forcibly evicted from the rented condominium at 5447 Vineland Road, #1303, Orlando, Florida in early January 2011 according to a police report.

He was also evicted from his sister's apartment at 2600 South Conway Road #1218, Orlando, Fl in April (2012)

Court Report Link

According to the management, John Joseph Kennedy made quite a scene and was the subject of many complaints in the complex including trying to sell fraudulent stock in "The Whale Magic Project", bad checks and a Book Party that went very sour trying to sell his self published book "Monstrance Objet D'art".

The previous owners lost the property in foreclosure.  This might have been a direct result from John Joseph Kennedy not being able to pay the rent since mid 2010.  The new owners of the condominium had contacted me as did the management of the complex to find out more about this situation.

The previous owners lost the property in foreclosure.  This might have been a direct result from John Joseph Kennedy not being able to pay the rent since mid 2010.  John Joseph Kennedy received financial support from a previous investor from Texas to pay his rent, bills and web sites for several years before she finally caught on to the scam.  According to her, she claims to have lost over $100,000 which not only included the basics but an endless amount of Pizza from the local pizzeria ... which would account for the increased weight gain.  Her statement is below ...

Sherion StevensSherion Stevens
101 N. Greenville Ave. #31
Allen, TX 75002

September 5, 2010

I was introduced to John Joseph Kennedy  and the “Whale Magic” project by my dear friend, Shelley Cates, in September 2006. Because of her faith in Mr. Kennedy and the “Whale Magic” project and after listening to Mr. Kennedy speak on a radio show in which Dr. Anne Marie Evers hosted him, I invested $5,000 and brought in my sister and brother who also invested money into the project at that time (between them, they invested about $7,000). I was so touched by Mr. Kennedy’s sincerity, his seemingly commitment to the environment and his message of “love and forgiveness” in the stories of Whale Magic! This faith in Mr. Kennedy continued for several years. He kept in touch with me through emails, (of which I have over 600 emails to support my story) and had me contact one of his best supporters, a woman who invested in Whale Magic! in 2005 and who also believed in her heart that this project was worth her investments of time and money.  

As the years went on, I continued to invest in JKEINC (John Kennedy Enterprises, INC) with full faith and assurance that the “Whale Magic” project was well on its on to being produced as a movie (in fact, three movies, a sequel kind of thing); 15 children books; plush toys (of which Mr. Kennedy does have some prototypes); interest from Burger King; interest from an airlines who would use the whale figures to be painted on a plane (likened to the airplanes that have the image of a whale in support of SEA WORLD in San Antonio, T ); Mr. Kennedy even sent me emails regarding a potential investor from India and said that he would be asking for the entire budget of $250 million! And Mr. Kennedy projected confidence that this man from India would indeed invest in the the “Whale Magic” project, much to my relief as I believed, from what Mr. Kennedy that the Whale Magic project was ready to “roll out” – with movie scripts, 15 books, etc. etc. etc. In 2007 I learned that that the 15 books for children had not been completed and that he had help from another author to finally get them done. However, in all my years as a investor with Mr. Kennedy and the Whale Magic project I NEVER saw any of the books; I did receive one chapter of the movie script, An Ocean of Love and I did receive photos of the plush toys.
At the end of 2008, after continued investment in the Whale Magic project upon the urgent requests of Mr. Kennedy, stating that he had several major studios in Orlando, Michigan and New York interested in producing the project, I finally told Mr. Kennedy that I simply could not invest another cent in this project, that my credit lines were used up and I had spent my entire life savings on this project. He held his breathe and finally agreed not to ask me for any more “money” i.e., investments. At that time I had invested approximately $70,000 in the project! Through either my line of credit, my credit cards or my savings account (all of these investments can be documented upon request). I only hear from Mr. Kennedy a few months into the year 2009 when he told me that he had a new COO or CEO, “Bruce” who was going to invest $100,000 of his own money into the project, which, of course, never happened. I believed Mr. Kennedy and did not connect him for months. One day in late September 2009, I got an email from Mr. Kennedy asking for my help; he said that his electricity had been cut off and he was getting ready to be evicted!! I was stunned and called him! He told me that some shareholders from the past were trying to steal “his” project, Whale Magic! He was currently working on his book, Monstrance, and was trying to get it finished so that he could get it published through a company with Amazon (a self‐publishing company). Mr. Kennedy was extremely stressed and so was I! All I could see was that my investments in Whale Magic! were at stake so I used my credit card to pay his electric bill and to pay one month rent for him.  

I held out a great deal of hope that the Whale Magic! project would be finally produced, with movies, TV series, plush toys, books, online gaming and from October 2009 – August 2010 I invested another $15,000 by way of paying his rent, bills and food. I paid for his transportation to and from several business meetings. In the end, however, when I received an email from my friend stating that several shareholders were building a legal case against him, I forwarded that email to Mr. Kennedy asking for an explanation. He was furious and sent a vile and vulgar email to the  shareholder, copied my friend and me in which he used horrible language and accused the shareholder of terrible things. I was stunned.

The next day I called Mr. Kennedy and told him that I did not think that this was the right thing to do and he turned against me and accused me for being part of the “evil” shareholders trying to sabotage “his” company and project. I couldn’t believe my ears! Here, I had invested close to $100,000 in the Whale Magic project, my faith and energy as well and Mr. Kennedy accused ME of trying to sabotage him! It did not make sense to me. I tried to call him, to Skype him and he did not respond; he cut me off as a friend on Face Book and told one of the officers of POWINC that I “was on the way out!” He subsequently wrote me an email stating that he was naming me in a lawsuit and that he had sold Whale Magic for $100 and offered me $2 for all my investments.

I have over 600 emails from Mr. Kennedy dating back to 2007 and have all my contacts with him and
JKEINC and POWINC. I can offer more details on my dealings with him upon request.  This man has taken almost $100,000 from me in the form of investments in his project, Whale Magic! and these
investments were either in the form of cash, credit cards or me paying for his rent, food, electricity, transportation, etc.  

I am still stunned as to the developments with my dealings with Mr. Kennedy and to my loss of investments over the past four years.  It is my desire that he is brought to justice.

Sherion Stevens

The new owners of the condominium had contacted me as did the management of the complex to find out more about this situation.

Since then many e-mails and texts have come in from Gay bars in the surrounding areas of Orlando which include the "Savoy" and the "Parliament House" the notorious Gay Bar/Drag Queen establishment that now forbids John Joseph Kennedy to enter.

What John Joseph Kennedy didn't realize, while he was scrambling for money at these local gay establishments, this site was being "texted" right from the bar ... sometimes while John Joseph Kennedy was sitting right next to the potential victim.

"Is this the same Kennedy who is involved in Whale Magic,
he's sitting right here at the Savoy in Orlando" 

"Kennedy is right next to me at a bar in Orlando,
should I call the police or the nut farm"

... and my personal favorite ...

"I have John Joseph Kennedy in front of me, how do I get him to shut up"

In addition, I have received inquires from the department of Human Services that dictates programs in Welfare, Housing and Food Stamps for the poor.  John Joseph Kennedy has applied for these services and now the state is investigating his finances.  I sent them a complete package of information that documents his sources of income, contact information and the paper and money trails that lead back to him.

Click here to see John Joseph Kennedy's certificate of indigent status, (extreme poverty).

The above court record is from a law suit that has been filed against this site.  According to the court report, John Joseph Kennedy could not afford the filing fee so he applied for indigent status to have the fee waived.   I'll be dedicating a page to the outcome of this but I have filed a response and a motion and all I'll say is that I don't believe it looks to good for John Joseph Kennedy at this point.
John Joseph Kennedy currently lists his address as ...
4630 South Kirkman Road
Orlando, FL 32811

This is a UPS store that rents mailboxes but I do have addresses from people who have e-mailed me saying he is in Lake Mary, Leesburg and/or Wildwood, Florida, all just north or northwest of Orlando.

John is currently in a homeless shelter for women of the YWCA in Oklahoma City, OK.  I know this because several of the woman (and employees) were so disgusted with him that they contacted the phone number on this website.  He claims he is under a protective order from either, the district attorneys office, the FBI or the Witness Protection Program.  None of this is true.  He claims he has been harrassed by so many different people, I stopped counting.  See Court Cases for more information.

How old is John Joseph Kennedy?

According to 3 of his web sites, he gives 3 different dates ... none of them correct.  His birth date is April 9th, 1954 which would make him 59 years old.

Is John Joseph Kennedy gay?

Yes.  John Joseph Kennedy confided to several of his Presidential Financial Supports that if he won he would be the first gay president.  The only writings that we could verify, written by John Joseph Kennedy (3 of them), were about male prostitution, drag queens and were quite homosexually vulgar.  In a an e-mail that was forwarded to me (along with this question), he refers to himself as "His Royal (gay) Highness".

In another conversation with a person from Atlanta, I was told, "when John Joseph Kennedy drinks (alcohol), he becomes a black woman".  According to the psychiatrist I spoke with, he acknowledges a separate personality that believes he is really a black woman inside with separate personality traits and gestures.

What is happening with the Texas Securities Board?

In a phone call to the Texas Securities Board, in March 2011, I was told that there is now an official investigation in the sale of stock of John Kennedy Enterprises and John Joseph Kennedy.  I was asked to turn over all my documents and copies of the original Whale Magic Project web site.  I also gave them a spreadsheet of all the people who contacted this web site over the past two years, their e-mail addresses and phone numbers (if I had them).  Unfortunately, complaints must be made by Texas residents to get the ball rolling.  As of April 2012, Sherion Stevens, her brother and sister (Texas Residents) have failed to file their paper work allowing John Joseph Kennedy to continue to solicit investors.  Sherion Stevens was on the board of the corporations "John Kennedy Enterprises" and "POW" (Prince of Whales). 

Who are the Kennedy's of Charleston?

I don't know.  When searching on Google, only John Joseph Kennedy's site come up, unlike the Kennedy's of Massachusetts which has 1000's of sites. I believe this is something made up by John Joseph Kennedy.

Please feel free to submit a question to: admin@johnjosephkennedyexposed.com

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