It's been 5 years?

It's been 5 years!  Five years ago I was informed by a group of friends just outside of Seattle, Washington, that a man named John Joseph Kennedy had come to their community claiming to be running for President of the United States, claiming to be related to the Kennedy's of Massachusetts and soliciting investors for something called the Whale Magic Project, then disappearing with close to a hundred thousand dollars in his pocket.  These events had actually happened several years before but the community was still pretty upset about it.  So much so that King 5 News had done a story about it and a detective was assigned to look in to the matter.  What was even more shocking was the events that happened afterward.  This man had begun a savage smear campaign against his victims posting unspeakable, libelous, untruths, threatening severe legal consequences should they speak about it.  He claimed that his "legal" team would sue and/or prosecute anyone breaking the confidentiality of their agreements.  Furthermore, they could count on coming up against the entire Kennedy clan should they choose to peruse litigation.  It was all very intimidating and it would be years before they all figured out he was a fraud.

It started out as a single page with a picture and a question? (April 2007)

What do you know about this man?

Con Man John Joseph Kennedy

If you have any information about him, please contact me.

Within a few weeks e-mails started coming in from all over. Apparently, Seattle was not his first stop nor would be his last. The story was the same no matter where it happened and from those those e-mails and phone calls, over the next five years, this site was created.

Exposing John Joseph Kennedy

John Joseph KennedyJohn Joseph Kennedy has been to the four corners of the United States and depending on when and where you meet him he is either related to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, or part of an other "more influential" Kennedy family from South Carolina. He is either a presidential candidate or award winning film producer. He makes claims to be being a student of Harvard University, an award winning writer, a GQ and Esquire model and CEO and Executive Producer of a major film corporation. The truth is John Joseph Kennedy is a none of these. His whole identity is based in so many lies that he actually has trouble remembering what he has said. It is worth remembering what John Joseph Kennedy has said but you'll never forget what he has done, especially if he has done it to you.

John Joseph Kennedy has traveled the country soliciting funds for something called "The Whale Magic Project" or "Whale Magic Earth" (depending on when and where you meet him) for a corporation call "Tipperary Films", "John Kennedy Enterprises, Inc." and/or "Prince of Whales, Inc." (once again, depending on when and where you meet him). John Joseph Kennedy is fully prepared to issue you a stock certificate for your investment. Claiming the project needs a little more financing so that it can premier within the next month or so is an enticing offer. He guarantees lucrative and quick returns.  The inescapable prospect has many people handing over $10,000 to $20,000 to the "Kennedy"/Presidential fraudster turned film producer. But, what happens when five of six months go by and nothing happens? What happens when there has been no correspondence or updates? What happens when you ask, "What's going on? or How much longer? What happens when John Joseph Kennedy finally makes an appearance demanding more money or you could lose your original investment?

When John Joseph Kennedy is not selling stock for non-existent projects he solicits donations for his political campaigns. He claims to be a last minute write-in candidate for, no less, the President of the United States on a ticket he created, the "True Democrat". John Joseph Kennedy hit the campaign trail in 2004 and again in 2008. In 2004 he claimed to be the cousin of the late John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th president of the United States. After Robert Kennedy Jr's office got involved that was changed in 2008 to the "Kennedy's of South Carolina" who, according to Kennedy were a political dynasty before the Kennedy's of Massachusetts.

Most people soon realize John Joseph Kennedy is not who he claims to be? When confronted, the suave and debonair John Joseph Kennedy becomes a fumbling and sometimes demented shell unable to articulate a reasonable explanation or alibi for what he has done. Once John Joseph Kennedy becomes cornered, he lashes out.

Sometimes it manifests with false charges of stalking and using personal, private information that he has learned, against you as he did in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Or maybe, John Joseph Kennedy will threaten you with legal action claiming he can take everything you own away from you because you signed a confidentiality agreement as he did in Seattle, Washington.

Or maybe John Joseph Kennedy will post horrible lies about you on and your loved ones on one of his John Joseph Kennedy web sites or send you endless hateful e-mails as he has done in California and Florida

Or maybe all of the above as he did in Providence, Rhode Island and Atlanta, Georgia.

John Joseph Kennedy uses the money for personal expenses and it ends the same way every time. John Joseph Kennedy disappears.

Courts can't decide how to prosecute and law enforcement is baffled because John Joseph Kennedy tries to turn the tables by making you look like the criminal.  As many have said, "He takes about 5% of the truth and then makes up the 95% with lies and deceit.  But make no mistake, John Joseph Kennedy is a criminal. He has committed crimes against decent people and decent society. Crimes against people who, in most cases, just wanted to help him realize a vision. Unfortunately, it was a vision that had no basis in reality. John Joseph Kennedy has been doing this for over 25 years. This site is dedicated to documenting the atrocities of John Joseph Kennedy in order to warn people he is a fraud, a liar and manipulator who feeds on the kindness and goodwill of decent people and would gladly take your money to benefit his comfortable lifestyle.

This site is not about revenge even though many of the contributors do have much resentment for John Joseph Kennedy, I have tried to remain objective in its motivation ... "Forewarned is forearmed".  The site is nothing more than a warning for those you may be thinking about handing over their hard earned cash.  This site should remind you to ask for proof in the form of tax returns, references and legers for the last 10 years.  This is standard procedure for anyone about to invest in any venture and the person asking for money should have these things prepared for you in advance and be ready to answer tough questions.  I have tried to make this site as credible as possible by asking those involved to write their own stories and leave their own contact information.  In cases where privacy is an issue, e-mail addresses will use an alias such as "" .  In these case, the e-mail will be forwarded to the person's real e-mail address and you will be contacted should that person elect to respond.  I invite you to contact the victims of this site and ask your questions so that you can make an informed and educated decision about being associated with John Joseph Kennedy. 

The Other Dynasty

As John Joseph Kennedy forsakes one fantasy for another he does a series of interviews entitled "The Kennedy's of South Carolina: Another American Dynasty".  Unlike the book about the Kennedy's of Massachusetts (The Kennedy's: An American Dynasty).  The scripted interview goes on for almost 2 and half hours about how all his former investors are now involved in a conspiracy to steal his "Whale Magic Project" and are all connected to the death of his sister, Cecelia Madeline Kennedy.  Below are some highlights of the recordings.  Keep in mind that this is only 5 minutes ... This went on for over 2 hours.


John Joseph Kennedy Spirit SaysSPIRIT says ...

It was during extensive interviews with John's sister that I heard the phrase "Spirit says ...".  Apparently, when John has an idea (usually someone else's), wishes to communicate messages from beyond or just wishes to be extra manipulative, he evokes ... "Spirit says...".  Here's an example.

Monica Kennedy, his sister, has been writing a legitimate book about their sister Cecilia's murder in Thailand.  On one occasion, Monica had mentioned to John she was going to name it "Human Remains". The following day John began telling people "I'm writing a book about my sister's murder and "SPIRIT SAYS" I should call it "Human Remains".  It is unclear whether SPIRIT is suggesting that John use the title instead or Monica or if SPIRIT is the fall guy for another stolen idea.  SPIRIT, who has kept a low profile was unavailable for comment at the time this site went live.

About a month ago I had decided to not renew the domain names and allow the sites to fade away in to obscurity.  I had made many friends, received many thank you's and even a few apologies. It’s pretty clear that the sites have put an end to John’s manipulations and scams. Having not heard from him since the court case (more on that later) I hoped that maybe things had changed. It was when I asked for a sign that I got a clear message that this was not over.

I have been approached by one of John’s relatives who has shared with me his current antics. He is now more desperate than ever and literally destroyed the only ones who were likely to give him another chance … his family.

Hearing voices suggests that one can deal with certain facts about themselves or face the reality of the situations they have created.  Some say it is a sign of not being able to forgive one's self.  It can also be the voice of determination. My SPIRIT says that I should continue the sites and make them as complete as possible.  My SPIRIT Says, The new site should cover the details of what he did to his sister and other family members for the last 6 months, document his further exploits while living in Orlando for the last 6 years and document the court cases in which John tried to get restraining orders to take down the sites.  SPIRIT also says that I should go into detail on how John has been living these last years, document his evictions and what he may be looking at in the future.  SPIRIT also suggested a new "audio comments" page in which individuals can leave a personalized voice mail message that can be posted to this site.

SPIRIT says that in the end, there will be victory over John Joseph Kennedy and he will eventually be made to pay for all the grief and despair he brought to so many.  Although, SPIRIT declined my request for an interview it is quite clear that SPIRIT wishes to right the wrongs committed by John Joseph Kennedy and wants to assure us all that any messages John Joseph Kennedy claims to have received were either a mistake or grossly misinterpreted.

SPIRIT says .... "govern yourself accordingly!

Oh, Angry mob, what problems can not be solved by a few torches and pitchforks.